• TEN21 & Glass Straws

TEN21 & Glass Straws

  • €46,00
  • €115,00 / l

Discover a whole new tasting experience where your mouth replaces the traditional champagne glass as the aroma chamber.

Experience the sensation when all the aromas combine and unfold directly on your palate!

Champagne in a whole new modern way - at home and wherever you choose.

Order this introductory set of two TEN21 Petites and receive two GlassStraws for free to experience this novelty for yourself.

We did develop our GlassStraws with our Petites in mind. However, they will just as happily serve with any drink you choose.

GlassStraws are dishwasher safe, break proof and Made in Germany.

We created TEN21 Brut Blanc to celebrate ten years of De Watère Champagne Premier Cru.

It is not only the modern interpretation in terms of design with hidden UV-activated features and the first Champagne ever to feature Augmented Reality. In terms of taste, TEN21 sets new standards, too. It is the modern, summery, light interpretation of De Watère's award-winning Brut Blanc Cuvées.

Proudly dressed in our signature white-and-blue, TEN21 displays hidden, 3D-printed designs lighting up the night under UV / black light.

Putting De Watère truly ahead of the curve: TEN21 is the first Champagne ever to feature Augmented Reality. Meet Theodore the Gryphon for the first time. Instructions on how to access the Augmented Reality features come with every bottle.

Available in our signature 200ml Petite format, TEN21 is the ideal companion for out and about.

Maturation: in ancient, 2,000 year-old caves under the Marne Valley dug by the Romans.

Brut Blanc I 50% Pinot Noir I 50% Chardonnay I 12% Alc.Vol. I Contains Sulfites I Sugar: < 7g I 200ml